What is "Epic ICT"

Sales & Marketing support for companies with advanced technologies to enter the Japanese market.

Consultation for Japanese companies wishing to strengthen their products and services in collaboration with the world's leading companies.

Education and consulting to facilitate cooperation with overseas companies.


What is "SAKEYOU"

Promoting the traditional Japanese culture of sake to the world.

Cloud-based simplification of export procedures for Japanese sake.

Help the bars in global cities to increase sales by handling rare sake.

Promoting a value proposition for making sake taste like your town.”One Sake, One Bar, One town” policy.


Why do we need good relationships with other companies overseas?

Because from now on, it is necessary to incorporate the power of other companies to increase the power of our company.

The formation of a community that incorporates various technologies is essential for the international success of Fogging.

Incorporate other companies into your products and technologies.

Used by our own products, technologies and resources, and other companies.